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Gahanna Body Sculpting Services

Body sculpting is permanent and life-changing. At Slimmer Now Body Sculpting in Gahanna, we specialize in fat loss that helps our clients begin their best life. Our facility is an ambient, calming space that allows clients to focus on their health and other goals. Essential oils are always in the diffuser and the quiet office adds to the Zen of each moment.

Michelle is our passionate business owner and consultant who strives to provide a positive, personal experience to each individual who comes to us. Each client receives one-on-one care and consultation to develop a plan that works for them. This adds to the comfort of the environment, which in turn produces better results. Michelle’s dedication to results and tailor-made weight loss goals have been a staple in our treatments here at Slimmer Now Body Sculpting.


Entrance and Lobby

The entrance and lobby at Slimmer Now Body Sculpting are both welcoming, spa-like areas to ensure our clients feel relaxed during the first steps of the process. We offer close guidance to help you determine the body sculpting treatment that will provide you with the results you desire.

Owner and Client in consultation room

Consultation Room

Michelle is one of our consultants, and she certainly knows her way around the consultation room. Working with the ambient room, she provides a calming and results-driven experience that is entirely tailored to your specific needs.

Patient in treatment room

Treatment Room

The treatment room is spacious, quiet, and offers plenty of privacy while you are undergoing treatment. Our consultants will communicate with you throughout the process to ensure you know all of the details and will not be surprised when it comes to our body sculpting equipment or treatment regimens.

Fitness Room

Our fitness room is a free, open space that features plenty of room to grow. We offer positive encouragement as you work on your fitness goals, and provide a variety of exercise options for you to discover the workout that personally benefits you. Slimmer Now Gahanna offers two lymphatic flush machines, hand weights and a treadmill. The lymphatic flush is an intricate part of the process and can be used in a variety of ways.

About Us

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